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Active Ingredients

Carbendazim 50% WP

  • Zen – formulation is one of the best in the industry. Broad spectrum fungicide, which controls large no. of diseases with its strong mode of action.
  • When applied to the roots, the active ingredient passes Inter cellularly into the xylem vessels & it is swept along by the sap stream towards the foliage. When applied to the foliage the fungicide gets into the xylem and spreads to the distal parts of the leaf but not in the opposite direction towards the roots.
  • Zen– As compared to other fungicides, it is less expensive in the long run with respect to the superior protection and cost per acre.
Recommended Crops
Mode of action
  • It is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. It is taken and translocated within the plant as a result of which the latter become fungitoxic.
  • It mainly acts by inhibiting development of germ tubes, the formation of appressoria and the growth of mycelia.
Crop Disease Common Name Dose/Acre
Paddy Arial phase, Blast 100 g – 200 g
Paddy Sheath Blight 2 g per Kg of Seed
Wheat Loose Smut 2 g per Kg of Seed
Barley Smut 2 g per Kg of Seed
Cotton Leaf Spot 100 g
Cluster Bean Powdery Mildew 140 g
Groundnut Tikka Leaf Spot 90 g
Tapioka Set Rot 1 g /lt of Water
Peas Powdery Mildew 100 g
Jute Seedling Blight 1g/kg of seed
Sugar Beet Leaf Spot, Powdery mildew 80 g
Cucurbits Powdery Mildew/Anthracnose 300 g
Brinjal Leaf Spot, Fruit Rot 120 g
Apple Scab 2.5 g/ 10 lt of Water
Grapes Anthracnose 120 g
Walnut Downy Leaf Spot 3g/lt of water
Rose Powdery Mildew 1 g/2 lt of Water
Black gram/Green gram Leaf Spot and Web Blight 100 – 200 g
Cow Pea Leaf Spot, Collor Rot, Anthracnose, Powdery Mildew 200 g
Ber Powdery Mildew 1 g/lt of Water
Tobacco Frog eye spot, Anthracnose 90 g


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