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packs of 200ml, 400ml and 1lit

Active Ingredients

Picoxystrobin 6.78% + Tricyclazole 20.33% w/w SC

Slogan is a broad-spectrum fungicide with systemic activity. It is a unique combination of two mode of action with strong preventive & curative act which leads to excellent protection against difficult to control, yielding robbing and quality impairing disease. It gives effective control of leaf and neck blast of paddy and anthracnose, wet rot and powdery mildew.

Recommended Crops
Mode of action

Picoxystrobin a strobilurin fungicide inhibits mitochondrial respiration. Bind at the Qo centre  on cytochrome b and block  electron transfer between cytochrome b and cytochrome c1. This disrupts the energy cycle within the fungus by halting production of ATP.

  • Slogan with a combination of dual modes of action and both preventive and curative action for effective control of diseases.
  • Slogan has unique redistribution properties viz systemic and translaminar movement, diffusion in the wax layer, redistribution by air, axial redistribution.
  • Slogan is ideal resistance management and IDM tool.
  • Slogan enriches crop growth and superior quality of yield.
Crop Disease Name Dose (ml/Acre)
Paddy Leaf and Neck Blast 400
Tomato Anthracnose, Powdery mildew, Wet rot 400


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