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Active Ingredients

Propiconazole 25% E.C

  • Nagarjuna Result is a systemic broad-spectrum fungicide having prophylactic and curative action.
  • Nagarjuna Result is rapidly absorbed by the leaves or stem and translocated upward through the xylem.
  • Nagarjuna Result is potent ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitor.
  • Nagarjuna Result gives long term safety to crop from fungal attack.
  • Nagarjuna Result also having growth regulatory effect imparts shining effect on grain of cereals crops.
Recommended Crops
Mode of action

It is a systemic fungicide which inhibits the biosynthesis of fungal sterols Ergosterol is a vitamin like compound needed by fungi their cell walls.

Crop Disease Name Dose (ml/Acre)
Wheat Kamal bunt, Leaf/Brown rust, Stem/Black rust, Yellow rust 200
Rice Sheath blight 200
Groundnut Early & Late Leaf spot and Rust 200
Soyabean Rust 200
Tea Blister blight 50-100


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