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Nagarjuna Mida



Availaible in :

packs of 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml & 1lt

Active Ingredients

Imidacloprid 17.8% SL

  • Nagarjuna Mida is a Neonicotinoid group of insecticide with contact and stomach action
  • It is broad spectrum insecticide with high efficacy against sucking pests
  • It is very cost effective with very low dose technology
  • It gives long lasting control
  • It is safe to environment ,natural enemies and fit for IPM
Recommended Crops
Mode of action

It Acts as an antagonist by binding to post synaptic nicotinic receptors in the insect central nervous system.

Crop Common Name of Pest Dosage/Acre
Formulation in ml Dilution in water Ltrs
Cotton Aphid, Whitefly, Jassid, Thrips 40-50 200-280
Paddy BPH. WBPH, GLH 40-50 200-280
Sugarcane Termite 140 750
Mango Hopper 2-4g/tree 10
Okra Aphid, Jassids, Thrips 40 200
Citrus Citrus, Leaf miner, Psylla 0.05%
Groundnut Aphid, Jassids, Thrips 40-50 200
Chillies jassids, Aphid, Thrips 50-100 200-280
Tomato Whitefly 60-70 200


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