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Dicaught Plus



Availaible in :

packs of 500 ml, 1000 ml & 2000 ml

Active Ingredients

Pyrithiobac Sodium 6% EC w/w + Quizalofop-ethyl 4% EC w/w MEC

Nagarjuna Dicaught Plus is a selective herbicide for cotton crop. It’s having advance ME formulation, which is superior & thermodynamically stable. It controls major broad and narrow leaves weeds.

Recommended Crops
Mode of action

Pyrithiobac sodium is absorbed by roots and shoots and translocated to growing points. It inhibits the enzyme acetolactate synthase (ALS) involved in amino acid synthesis. Quizalofop Ethyl does Inhibition of acetyl CoA carboxylase (ACCase)

Crop Name of Weed species Dosage/Acre (ml)
Cotton Trianthema spp, Digera spp, Celosia argentia, Dinebra retroflexa, Digitaria marginata 400 – 500


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