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Active Ingredients

Thifluzamide 14% SC

Kazan belongs to the carboxanilide/Carboxamide group. It’s a systemic fungicide with protective and curative action that controls rice sheath blight caused by Rhizoctonia solani very effectively. It is rapidly absorbed by foliage and is retained for a longer period as a parental molecule. It does not provide any phytotoxicity to the crop at recommended dose also compatible with commonly used insecticides and fungicides. It’s safe for beneficial insects.

Recommended Crops
Mode of action

Inhibition of electron transport chain ultimately effect ATP production. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – Energy currency.

  • Kazan is the strongest solution of Sheath blight disease in rice.
  • Kazan is a systemic product for prophylactic and curative use.
  • Kazan has acropetal & basipetal movement leads to better translocation.
  • Kazan improves defense mechanisms in plants against diseases.
  • Kazan provides long duration control of sheath blight, less no. of sprays.
  • Kazan increases crop vigor, and plants are lusher green.
Crop Disease Name Dose (ml/Acre)
Paddy Sheath blight 150
Tomato Early blight 150
Potato Black Scurf (seed treatment) 2.5-3 ml/10 kg


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