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Gallant Gold

Plant growth regulators & nemicides


Availaible in :

packs of 4kg

Active Ingredients

Nutrient Mobilizer

Gallant Gold is a soil nutrient mobilizer on organically enriched granular form derived from natural sources through generous regimented innovative process. Helps in absorption of nutrients accessible unapproachable levels and make them available to crops.

Recommended Crops
Mode of action

Produce more vigorous and healthy plants; Increase plan establishment and survival at seedling or transplanting; Improved yields and crop quality; Improves photosynthetic activity; Helps in withstanding Abiotic Stress; Enhance flowering and fruiting; Facilitates in maintaining soil root zone pH; Improves plant response to soil salinity; Contribute to maintain soil quality and nutrient cycling, contribute to control soil erosion.

Crop Advantages Dose/Acre
Formulation (Kg) Method of Application
All agricultural and Horticultural Crops Essential to confirm that it reaches the root zone of the crop 4 Mixed and applied along with soil or organic or inorganic fertilizers.


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