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Technical Manufacturing Plant

NACL Industries Limited has a Technical Manufacturing Plant in Srikakulam, which is located 100 kms from Visakhapatnam.

Formulation Unit

The Formulation unit located in Ethakota is in the picturesque locales of East Godavari District in Andhra Pradesh.


Research and Development (R&D) Center

R&D assists the company in leveraging substantial opportunities in the Crop Protection business.



  • In the Kharif season my paddy crop was infected by Blast. I used Nagarjuna Slogan which worked effectively and controlled the blast completely. The grain quality also had improved. If needed, I will use Nagarjuna Slogan in coming Rabi season also.
    Sandeep B Halappa
    Farmer - Davangere, Karnataka
  • I cultivated Paddy in the Kharif season and it was infested with Sheath Blight. I used Nagarjuna Signet as per the advice given by NACL representative. Signet has controlled sheath blight and helped in good grain setting resulting in better and high quality yield. I will recommend my farmer friends to use Nagarjuna Signet.
    Benakal Ambayya
    Farmer - Darur, Karnataka
  • I have been cultivating Mango since 22 years. By watching the TV commercial I purchased Atonik and sprayed it in the Mango orchard twice, once during bloom stage and another time when the fruit attained marble size. This resulted in reduced Flower and fruit shedding. The size and color of the fruit also were improved.
    Kartik Kirtaniya
    Farmer - Malda, West Bengal
  • I have used Nagarjuna Index on Chilli crop. It controlled major diseases and improved the quality of the produce. NACL offers high quality products which help the farmers in reaping good benefits
    Khairul Biswas
    Farmer-Aziznagar, West Bengal